Raymo Electric Remote Controlled Mowers

Electrifying Your Green Space. The Raymo electric, zero-emission, remote controlled mower is a unique product that with the ability to swap power packs, offers you a versatile multi-use mower.
The Raymo electric remote controlled mower is ideal for local contractors, municipality doing the work or the home owner. One machine with endless possibilities.

Modularity is something that makes Raymo truly unique. Basic tractor / tool carrier – Exchangeable mower decks – Swappable power cartridges (POWERSWAP system). All mower decks and power cartridges are compatible and can be changed anytime – now or in the future allowing you to get the latest upgrades and maximum flexibility. Raymo takes modularity to a new level. Contact Chandlers to find out how to configure Raymo to best suit your job and what options you have in case your needs should change.

The Raymo has zero emissions, no fluid leaks, is light weight and being electric has minimum noise. The remote control operation and low soil pressure make the Raymo biodiversity-friendly. The variety of Raymo mower decks correlates with the variety of municipal mowing applications from mulching, rear discharge, nicely manicured areas as well as wildflower lawns. Raymo can deliver a solution for all these applications.

4-Wheel-Drive together with an extremely compact design and a low centre of gravity make Raymo a great tool for mowing on banks. Equip your machine with All-Terrain tyres or even our special FLEXI-SPIKE wheels for the best result. High climbing ability and even higher stability - that is what makes Raymo so safe even on steep slopes.

The compact design, high manoeuvrability, fine quality of cut and - most of all - silent operation make Raymo to be a great mowing solution for cemeteries and any other areas where peace and quiet is important. Perfect to start your mowing job in the early morning hours or late at night, during school hours or near hospitals and golf courses. Being just 100ft away from the mower you can hardly hear any noise.

Ratmo can help you eliminate difficult manual strimming as it is only 50cm / 20in tall and can get into place where no other equipment can making it ideal for mowing under benches, trampolines, tree branches and solar panels. Vegetation control, mowing of overgown grass and rough areas is a piece of cake for RAYMO. The R48CRAFT deck was designed specifically for rough cut applications.

The Raymo electric, zero-emission, remote controlled mower is a unique product that with the ability to swap power packs, offers you a versatile multi-use mower.

Whether you need to cut grass in noise sensitive areas, gain access under low objects such as solar panels or trees, or need to meet the needs of the customer with growing concerns of carbon emissions this mower will exceed your expectations whilst tackling lush dense grass growth with ease.

The full Raymo range is now available from Chandlers at our Belton, Horncastle, Spilsby, Holbeach, Lutterworth, Shefford and Southam depots.

For more information or to arrange your on-site demonstration contact Chandlers Groundscare Specialist Justin Thompson on 07387 017279 for Belton, Lutterworth and Southam, Guy Ward on 07860 456438 for Horncastle and Spilsby, or Les Butters on 07885 327477 for Holbeach and Shefford.

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