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Testing and Development
The Grenadier successfully completed cold weather engine testing in northern Sweden and the Alps earlier this year. After these tests INEOS Chairman, Sir Jim Ratcliffe announced his approval of the latest generation Grenadier prototypes. This landmark moment marks the next phase of development for our rugged 4x4.

When it comes to challenging testing, our serious 4x4 has tackled notorious proving grounds used by the world’s most capable off-roaders. Clocking up winter miles in the icy outpost of Arjeplog, Sweden, and altitude testing high in the Austrian Alps. The second-stage prototypes are now being put through everything from crash testing to optimising the driving dynamics.

Off-road performance is critical, but the Grenadier must also be capable and comfortable on the road. Especially for drivers who need to be in their vehicle all day. Some of the vehicle’s most impressive achievements in testing so far have been in on-road driveability and dynamics. 

These tough tests are another step towards the production of the Grenadier in July 2022. But they are far from over. By the time they are complete, the prototypes will have driven 1.8 million kilometres – on all terrain and in all weathers.
The Grenadier Interior
The interior of the INEOS Grenadier is designed on purpose, to deliver the space, practicality and versatility owners need from a hard-working 4X4. Starting from a clean sheet, the design incorporates the modern technology and comfort expected of a vehicle for the 2020s and beyond.

There’s nothing superfluous inside the Grenadier. Any unnecessary electronics were stripped out, in favour of analogue controls. All the buttons, switches and dials are clearly labelled and purposely spaced, so they can be used with wet hands or gloves. The overhead controls operate the off-road settings, and are separate to the rest of the console (to keep things simple when the terrain gets difficult). We’ve even positioned them so co-drivers can lend a hand if they need to.

The Recaro seating are as comfortable as they are durable. Designed for long journeys, as well as jumping in and out all day. And to make sure the upholstery lasts just as long as the construction, the materials we’ve chosen are water-proof and stain-proof.

The Grenadier connects to a winch just as easily as it connects to a smartphone. The plug-and-play connectors mean you can add any third-party items, without rewiring. And Apple CarPlay/Android Auto come built-in, so all the technology in your pocket can be used on the 12.3-inch touch screen. Which means your navigation will always be up-to-date.
Kicking The Tyres
A standard set-up designed to do the job in snow, mud and on road: our rugged 4x4 comes with 17-inch steel wheels and Bridgestone All Terrain 001 Dueler tyres. Want to go your own way? There’s the option of 18-inch steel wheels with the same Bridgestone tyres. Or you could choose 17 or 18-inch alloys. For pure off-roading, add the option of BF Goodrich AT tyres.

After comprehensive research and testing we chose Bridgestone as our tyre partner. With nearly 100 years of experience and the global reach to ensure straightforward distribution anywhere in the world, they’re the ideal fit. They’ve taken one of their existing all-terrain tyres and upgraded it by altering the compound and construction. It’s a high-performance, all-round 4x4 tyre that’s the ideal fit for our rugged off-roader.
Engine And Transmission
A proper off-road 4x4 needs to handle the toughest terrain. That’s why we’ve chosen BMW three litre, six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines that offer smooth power and plenty of torque, while always having something in reserve.

The proven engines have been tuned to have a flattened torque curve from low revs. That’s what delivers the consistent performance needed to tackle any obstacle. Calibrating the engines to meet the Grenadier’s exacting standards won’t stop now, we’ll make adjustments throughout the testing process to get the best results.
Exterior Design
Our philosophy since day one: function over form, every time. That’s why we’ve taken an engineering-led approach to the exterior design, following in the tyre tracks of history’s most iconic 4x4 utility vehicles. 

This is an off-roader that’s got capability at its core. Of course, we care how it looks, but we’re more concerned about how it works. That’s why every decision has been made with practicality in mind.

Every decision we’ve made is based on purpose, so you can go where you need to go. And do what you need to do. We’re making a real, robust off-roader. Not a soft-roader.
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