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Baler & Combine Care
Prepare for the season ahead with our combine and baler care packages at out of season pricing.
What’s included:
  • Comprehensive inspection.
  • Report & estimate for all none warranty and wearing parts.
  • Additional repairs at competitive prices.
  • All AGCO parts come with 12 months parts and labour warranty as per AGCO standard T&C's.
  • Hydrovane option.
  • Service packages available on request.
Contact your local Chandlers Service Manager today for this years out of season pricing.
Dyno Service
Dynomometer services are available for all tractors from the AGCO range (25 - 500hp), using the state of the art Sigma-5 Dyno from Froment. The test can be done on farm or at your nearest depot, where we will provide a comprehensive report on engine power and torque characteristics.
Unique and innovative design features make the Sigma Dynamometer very simple, safe and easy to use, with full control over the test with the Intelligent Handheld Terminal (IHT) controller, with its continuous readout of power, speed, torque and torque backup or torque reserve. The dyno test can be completed in minutes, with a full electronic reporting feature, which can be supplied via the laptop control.

Chandlers can carry out this service for you on any make or model of tractor at competitive rates.

Contact your local Service Manager for a competitive quote.
Air Conditioning Service
All Chandlers depots are equipped for air conditioning, servicing, repair and re-gassing using the latest environmentally sound 134a. Conversions and installations from previous generations of air con can be undertaken. Don't sit in discomfort this harvest. Get your air con serviced now.
All makes and models of Tractors, Telehandlers, Combines and Self Propelled Sprayers can be serviced.

Contact your local Service Manager for this years out of season pricing.
NSTS Spray Testing
As an NSTS certified spray test centre, Chandlers are pleased to be able to offer a complete sprayer service, from the smallest mounted machines to the largest self-propelled. The ENATIONAL SPRAYER TESTING SCHEME (NSTS) provides testing for all types of Pesticide Application Equipment (PAE) and fertiliser spreaders. The scheme was introduced in 2003 following the introduction of a voluntary scheme set up in 1997 by the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) and today tests more than 20,000 machines annually.
The legal requirements included in the Sustainable Use Directive requires all pesticide application equipment to be tested. Red Tractor Crops and Fresh Produce Schemes currently require annual testing of boom sprayers over 3 metres, granular applicators applying nematicides and fogging machines. All other machines use the timescales as set out in the SUD. Red Tractor Livestock Schemes. All application equipment used in the livestock sectors work to SUD guidelines, annual testing is not required.

Contact your localService Manager to book your sprayer in for its annual NSTS certificate.
Tilly Trailer Maintenance
Chandlers are proud to support the Tilly Trailer campaign (Trailer Inspection Life-saving Legislation Yearly). We are offering our customers the opportunity for their trailers to be maintained to the legal standard. An annual 18 point inspection carried out by our qualified mechanics.
Agricultural trailers are legally required under PUWER 98 Regulations to be in a roadworthy condition, well maintained and in good working order with records of maintenance held by the owner/farmer. Upon completion of the test a Tilly certificate will be fixed to the tailgate of your trailer, clearly displaying a Tilly Pass unique number. This will be recorded along with your chassis number for a thorough record of your maintenance.

Tilly Trailer Pass are members of the Farm Safety Partnership working closely with the NFU & DEFRA to provide farmers and contractors the opportunity to operate both professionally and legally.

Contact your local Service Manager for more information.
Potato Handling Equipment
Have an out of season check carried out by our potato harvesting technicians.

The aim of this scheme is to reduce in season maintenance costs and breakdowns by carrying out repairs in the pre-season period and to thereby reduce down time and thus improving efficiency. The appraisal will involve thoroughly working through your machine, checking all wearing items including PTO shafts, universal joints and the condition of webbs, cleaner rollers and bearings. Particular attention will be paid to safety guards and drive chains.
  • Full details of the condition of your machinery and areas needing maintenance.
  • Reduced pre-season labour charge and parts pricing with delayed payment options.
  • Following the pre-season check your Service Manager will be happy to provide an individual quotation for the work and parts recommended to ensure your machine is ready for next season.
  • Cost of the check varies according to machine, make, type and model and also number of machines to be checked. Products included are planters, toppers, harvesters and destoners. 
Available on Planters, Toppers, Harvesters and Destoners.

Contact your local Service Manager for more details.
Fixed Price Servicing
Fix your costs with the most economical servicing package. With no cost option to cancel or transfer if you change the tractor.
Chandlers 5 Star Service
  • Factory trained technicians with access to all the latest technical information and very latest software editions and updates.
  • Specialist tools to do the job efficiently and to the highest standard.
  • Genuine manufacturers best quality parts.
  • All AGCO parts carry a 12 month warranty that includes labour when fitted by Chandlers.

Contact your local Service Manager for more information.
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