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Guidance has been around for the past 10-20 years within Agriculture and has now become a standard option on most new tractors. Whether used in a basic format for manual steering or utilising full autosteer there’s an option for all. 

Agco currently offer an in-house solution on all three of their main brands with the functions and steering controlled by the tractor and the GPS position provided by with the Novatel Smart7 receiver or Trimble 482 receiver. Both offer similar accuracy ranging from a basic free EGNOS/SBAS signal which provides a +/- 30cm accuracy all the way to full RTK which provides a +/- 1cm accuracy.

All brands can create straight AB lines and curved lines as standard. With the addition of a one-off payment and unlock, they can utilise wayline segments and single track. Wayline segments allows the operator to steer round the headland at the touch of a button. With the boundary recorded around the perimeter of the field the system will then create multiple AB lines and curves to steer to and allow you to drive round the field, back into corners on every run without pressing a button.

Fendt VarioGuide has gone one step further; in the past year they have introduced TI Headland which includes Turn Assistant. Turn Assistant is auto headland turn, meaning that with the correct setup, the tractor will approach the headland, perform a keyhole turn, then drive back down the next run.
Precision Farming
This is where we go one step further and start to really make the most of the technology available. Precision farming is where we can use IT to ensure that crop and soil receive the right inputs and the right time to improve health and productivity.
As for of Precision Farming and one that is most commonly used would be Auto Section Control, allowing the technology on board the tractor to control where the implement applies its product. This means that the product goes where it needs to be to reduce overlaps and not go outside the worked area of a field. All AGCO machines with an in-house guidance system is capable of doing this with the Massey and Valtra controlling up to 36 sections and the Fendt system controlling over 100.
Other forms would be Variable Rate Control, where the application rate of a product will vary depending on the tractors location in the field. Yield mapping, which gives you both a real time figure and an overall illustration of the yield of the field. All these features when utilised together will help you get the most out of the land you are working.
Real time updates at a click of a button. Telemetry allows the owner or dealer or manufacturer to monitor the status of a machine to optimize work efficiency and minimize downtime.
AGCO Connect is available across all brands and is a fleet management tool that enables remote and near real time monitoring and decision making. Machine data can be used to make informed operational decisions on logistics. You can be anywhere with a mobile device and have access to information such as geographical position, fuel level, fuel consumption or hours to service. If linked with the dealer, Connect can help you keep your machine in optimum condition, increasing uptime by making sure your machines are ready to work whenever they are needed. Service and maintenance notifications keep you informed of the machine condition, and help schedule planned maintenance outside of busy periods.

Click here to download the AGCO Connect quick reference guide.
Chandlers RTK Network
Accurate RTK correction signal for precision farming.

Improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption - Save fuel and input costs by ensuring parallel passes when working in straight lines, curves, pivots or on undulating ground, minimising skips and overlaps.

Increase productivity, even at night or in low visibility conditions - With greater accuracy when tilling, planting, spraying, cultivating or harvesting, your operator can enjoy greater control and accuracy.

Greater comfort - Operators using guidance solutions report “being less fatigued and stressed”.

Higher yields with easy upgradeability as your needs grow - With Chandlers RTK Network enabled guidance systems, Controlled Traffic Farming can be operated, leading to a significant reduction in field compaction improving overall yields. Compatible with a wide range of guidance equipment including TopCon, Trimble and Novatel.

For new RTK subscription enquiries please contact our Technical Support Specialists James Donger or Clive Barber, for all renewals and existing subscription enquires please contact Andrew Formosa on 01926 612442 or
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