Established in 1978, Rayco is one of the leading stump grinder manufacturers in the business.
From the creation of the original RG145 stump grinder, Rayco now offers a variety of stump grinders with the versatility to handle any stump-cutting job.

The Rayco product lineup includes the popular Mini Work Force range which features the RG13 series II and the RG25HD which are the perfect commercial solution in a compact size.

Discover the full product range now and find the perfect stump grinder to join your workforce!

Pedestrian Stump Grinders

Compact and cost-effective, our pedestrian stump grinders are ideal for landscapers, large private gardens or estates, hire shops and those just starting out in the tree surgery business. Simple, effective and time proven – they are a valuable asset to your business.

These rugged machines provide a commercial-grade solution for your stump cutting needs when compact size and affordability are at the top of your priority list. Every unit is built with features like heavy-duty frames, adjustable handlebars, and powder coat paint finish.

Quality components throughout, with petrol engines by Honda and Kohler, and top-of-the-line air filtration systems. All operator controls are located behind the operator station for safe and easy operation.

Self Propelled Wheeled Stump Grinders

Take a look at our wide range of wheeled stump grinders by Rayco. The 4-wheel drive allows the ability to maintain traction in challenging conditions meaning you can tackle any stump without issue.

The RG25HD is the largest model in the Mini Work-Force line up. This unit is powered by a 23-hp (17.15-kW) Kohler Command engine featuring electric start and a Donaldson, dual element air cleaner.

The RG25HD is self-propelled, making it the best choice for traversing up and down hills, trailer ramps, mounded landscaping, etc. Large tyres roll over chip piles and obstacles easier than competitors’ low-profile tires.

The narrow profile of the RG25HD allows it to fit through 30” (76.2 cm) gates. Convenient handlebar adjustment allows operator to select height depending on the conditions. An electromagnetic clutch engages the cutter wheel at the flip of a switch.

Self Propelled Tracked Stump Grinders

Check out our range of Rayco tracked stump grinders designed to help you tackle the toughest of stumps in tricky locations. Rubber tracks allow for navigating muddy, sloppy terrain with extra grip to get the job done efficiently and quickly.

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