From the world’s first to the world’s best, McConnel has blazed a trail for quality, innovation and technology since launching the first tractor-mounted hedgecutter back in the 1940s.
McConnel offers a range of compact Power Arms for the amenities, landscape, and groundscare sectors.

McConnel Compact Power Arms

McConnel offers the most comprehensive range of compact Power Arms on the market with 12 different series and 42 distinct models. Thousands of different build options are available, enabling operators to customise everything from reach and horsepower to the arm-set and control system. McConnel can even create unique bespoke machines for customers, designing and building Power Arms to a precise personal specification.

Also available is a new line of Twose classic machines ranging from small compact reach arm mowers to a high-performance 6.5m model for large-scale farmers and contractors.

Designed for the landscape, amenities and ground-care sectors, 30-series machines thrive in confined areas, parks and public grounds, and in sites with extensive street furniture.

They are also ideal for specialist contractors, local government, and small-scale farmers looking for a cost-effective hedgecutter for their own land.

Remote Control Technology

McConnel's remote control range is ideal for working safely and productively in the toughest terrain.

Thriving in hazardous, hard-to-reach and restricted-access areas, these innovative all-terrain machines reach the parts conventional mowers cannot - helping McConnel customers work harder, smarter and safer than ever before.

With outstanding stability, intuitive fingertip controls and an effective remote control range of up to 150m, the machines make light work of jobs that used to be time-consuming, labour-intensive, and potentially dangerous.

ROBOCUT comes with a choice of 20 different attachments that transform McConnel's core machine into a truly multi-functional work platform.

The attachments expand the versatility of ROBOCUT and enable operators to offer the full benefits of all-terrain remote control technology in a wide variety of applications and work environments.

Available from Chandlers Belton, Horncastle, Spilsby, Holbeach, Barnack, Lutterworth and Shefford depots.

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