Kress Garden Power Tools

Kress garden power tools are designed and built to the same high quality standards that have made the Kress brand an icon of cordless power. You can rely on Kress garden power tools for their quality, dependability and durability. 
Powering Every Level of Work

Kress battery platforms offer impressive power for every level of landscaping. Take on all-day professional landscaping jobs with the 60V Kress Commercial line. Discover pro-level power for larger lawns with the Kress 60V line or choose the 20V/40V KROSSPACK® platform to breeze through challenging everyday jobs in household yards.

RTK Robotic Mowers

Kress RTK unmanned robotic mowers maintain very large turfgrass surfaces with the same accuracy and efficiency as traditional lawn mowers at a fraction of the cost. Kress RTK robot mowers extend unmanned mowing to larger areas. They efficiently operate in parallel lines and autonomously move from one area to another, as if they were operated by man. No need for boundary wires, nor on-site antennas.

Large properties, facilities, sports fields, golf courses and public parks will benefit from Kress RTKn and is the ideal solution for countless applications, providing quiet, emissions-free turf management, with an operating cost that is a fraction of manned mowing. Kress RTK delivers centimetre accuracy with no station antenna on site using the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) to get autonomous geo-spatial positioning with 2 to 5 metres accuracy, then applying real-time kinematic (RTK) correction data to achieve centimetre-level accuracy. To ensure centimetre-level accuracy, Kress’ expanding proprietary network of reference GNSS receivers continuously delivers RTK correction data to your mower via the mobile phone network.

Large lawn? Kress RTK masters it. While traditional random robot mowers struggle to cover expansive areas, even when operating round the clock, Kress RTK technology rises to the challenge harnessing the power of satellite guidance, it navigates with the precision and methodical approach of a seasoned landscaper.

Shifting to robotic lawn mowing promises significant environmental benefits through drastic carbon footprint reduction, coupled with a tranquil, noise-free atmosphere. This transition will not only enhance your lawn’s health but also result in substantial operating cost savings.

To book your on-site survey and for more information about Kress Robotic Mowers, call Chandlers Robotic Mower Specialist Charlie Kemp on 01406 370789.

Lawn Mowers

Kress lawn mowers challenge tradition, ditching fuel without compromising power. Engineered for commercial use, Kress mowers offers exceptional versatility with mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities. A durable construction promises an unmatched cut quality, regardless of the weather. Every landscape is different, but the general rule of thumb is that the bigger the lawn, the bigger the mower should be. A large diameter blade will do the job faster in large lawns, but will be less manoeuvrable in tiny spaces.

Grass Trimmers

No matter if you are a landscape maintenance professional or a homeowner, the Kress range of line trimmers has a model that fits your needs with a perfect blend of ergonomics, power and manoeuvrability. Kress Commercial cordless line trimmers deliver gas-level power and are durably constructed to handle heavy-duty work. And with high cutting speeds and rapid line reload, it's easy to reach peak productivity. Discover how to transform your trimming.

Hedge Trimmers

The Kress range or battery-powered hedge trimmers have you covered whether you are a professional landscaper or a discerning homeowner. Kress Commercial hedge trimmers simplify shrub care with power, high cutting speeds, and durable dual-sided blades. Designed for professionals, Kress hedge trimmers cuts smooth and handles easy on the toughest trimming jobs. Discover the superior solution for hassle-free hedge management.


Armed with an arborist-grade chain, cutting tasks just became more efficient. Powered by the revolutionary 8-minute CyberSystem, downtime is reduced to zero. Designed for performance, it serves as an indispensable asset for regular landscaping and storm recovery. Chainsaws cover a broad range of applications. Unless you’re a full time faller, you’ll likely use it to clear away fallen branches after a storm, cut down a dead tree that threatens your roof, prune branches, remove crumbling limbs from trees, and cut logs to split into firewood.

Leaf Blowers

Introducing the Kress commercial leaf blower, where power meets whisper-quiet operation. Its innovative battery ensures lasting power, while the ergonomic backpack design prioritizes user comfort. With its waterproof design, this blower is ready for any weather. Choosing the right leaf blower depends on the number and size of deciduous plants, the size of the property, and your budget. Regardless of your individual needs, there are two key figures to look out for: air volume and air speed. A blower that excels in one but is weak in the other won’t meet your expectations.

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