Where it all began for Grasshopper Mowers

Added 22/09/2023

The Grasshopper Company division of Moridge Manufacturing has built a worldwide reputation with True ZeroTurn mowers and grounds maintenance equipment.

Moridge has been family owned and operated for 60 years. Elbert Guyer, the company's founder, estabilished his manufacturing business in the rural Kansas town of Moundridge in 1958. Its signature product, a compact portable grain dryer, was an innovation in crop harvesting that solidfied the company's position as an agricultural implement manufacturer and propelled it onto the international agricultural scene.

Because the dryer was marketed and utilized in autumn, the company needed a spring product to balance production schedules in the Moundridge plant. The Grasshopper was invented by a local farmer in 1964, and Moridge assisted him in production of some of the more technical manufacturing aspects until they assumed sole production. In 1969, a key transaxle patent provided the technology needed to produce the first true zero-turn radius mower, and the Grasshopper Company division was born. That year, the first Grasshopper mowers were in production and introduced to the U.S. market.

The Grasshopper assembly line debuted at Moridge Manufacturing in 1970. Engineers began refining the mower and soon found themselves dedicated to continual product innovation in order to meet the ongoing needs of customers. That required a commitment to adding the latest technologies, such as a powder paint booth, robotic welding, brake press and laser cutting. These factory innovations, coupled with quality products, services and processes, continue to sustain the Grasshopper Company division of Moridge Manufacturing as an industry leader.

By the 1970s, Grasshopper was a national brand, and by the 1980s, further innovations and improvements elevated The Grasshopper Company as a leader in the ZeroTurn mower market internationally.

Today, Grasshopper mowers are available through an independent dealer network in all 50 states in American and over 40 countries worldwide. The Grasshopper Company division of Moridge Manufacturing has built a worldwide reputation with ZeroTurn mowers and grounds maintenance equipment and celebrates 65 years of Moridge Manufacturing this year.

Click here to download the full in depth history of Moridge Manufacturing and Grasshopper Mowers.

The best way to understand how a Grasshopper ZeroTurn mower can benefit you is by seeing one in action. Contact Chandlers Groundscare Specialists Justin Thompson 07387 017279, Guy Ward 07860 456438, Les Butters 07885 327477 or Lawson Vaughan 07971 151780 for more information or to arrange your on-site demonstration.

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