Supporting young women training to be Agricultural Engineers

Added 27/03/2024

Saskia Hix is in the first year of a Chandlers Apprenticeship based at our depot in Holbeach. She is one of an increasing number of young women training to be an Agricultural Engineer. Here's what Saskia had to say about her chosen career path.  

How does it work balancing college and work? 

We're on block release. So, we're at college for a month and then we'll go back to work. At college we're doing a training course, hydraulics and Tech Connect. But when we're at work, it's very hands on. It's more, you know, here's a tractor, fix it. 

So, what part of the job do you like best? 

Turning that key on an engine I have taken apart and refitted, and it starting with no fault codes. That is the best part of the job, knowing that you took something apart, fixed it and it's working really well. Then you go out on a job, and you see that tractor you've fixed working away and it’s amazing. Such a good feeling.

What’s your biggest achievement so far? 

Knowing that we're a big part of the farming community and we help to support that community. If a tractor's broken down, then without us that that farmer is losing profit. There's no farming and there's no food. I’m proud to be supporting farmers. 

So, you think it is a great career?

Probably the best. It's a male dominated industry but there definitely should be more women doing it because it’s brilliant. It's a great job. 

Any advice for other women considering the same career? 

If there are any women out there looking to get into the ag industry or are worried about it, just go for it. You know you're going to have ups and downs in the job, but you're going to get ups and downs in every job. Just go for it. You'll love it. Honestly, I don't think there are words to describe how good the job is. You'd have to do it to know it. 

Going forward, do you see more and more women in these type of roles?  

I'd love to see more girls on this course and within the industry. Sometimes people think because you are girl you can’t do this. Prove them wrong, I’d say. It’s a big achievement. 

Be honest though, what's it like working with a load of boys and men?

Brilliant, honestly! You can have a good laugh while working because you know they give some banter. When you're at work it's like a little family. We all get along so well. No matter your gender, you just fit in perfectly. It's brilliant.

Become a Chandlers Apprentice

If would you like to train for a rewarding career as a technician, maintaining, servicing and repairing premier brand tractors, machinery and telehandlers this could be a superb opportunity for you. We have our own Academy Manager entirely devoted to the progression of our workshop technicians from apprenticeship to master technician. 

Our apprentices are paid during the whole process including the time at college. Every apprentice gets a structured and individual learning plan tailored to their development.

To find out more or to apply for a Chandlers Apprenticeship contact Chandlers Academy Manager Andrew Silvester on 07570 671416 or email

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