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Added 09/03/2022

The new Inspire 1200C/S - 12 metre high capacity seed drill. Combi and seed only. Coming Autumn 2022.

Excellent field contour following precision

The heart of Inspire is its responsive double disc seed coulter system. It has an excellent ability to adapt to any irregularities on the field, thereby always keeping the seeding depth constant. The result is an impressive seed placement and an even emergence over the entire field.

Full control. Always.

Inspire 1200C/S is able to control the output in eight separate sections. This means that Inspire 1200C/S can conduct sectional control down to 1.5m sections. This is a unique precision feature in the 12-metre seed drill segment.

Performance and simplicity

To ensure a constent and even product flow from the large hopper to seed coulters, the seeds and fertiliser are metered out with high output precision via 8 Fenix III metering units. Fenix III is advanced metering technology engineered for exceptionally precise seeding, reliable performance, and easy maintenance.

New generation control system

Inspire 1200C/S is equipped with the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control. Väderstad E-Control wirelessly connects to the Väderstad machine enabling full access to its functions and data. You benefit from user-friendly remote setup and calibration, as well as real-time monitoring and control.

Large hopper with great access

Inspire 1200C/S is designed for high performance with minimised downtime in the field. It is equipped with a large hopper, with a low filling height and large opening. The seed-only version Inspire 1200S is equipped with a 5000-litre hopper for seeds. While the combi version Inspire 1200C has a 7200-litre hopper holding both seeds and fertiliser in two separate compartments. With a large platform and an open machine design, you benefit from good access to all components throughout the machine.

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