Massey Ferguson introduces the NEW MF 9S

Added 13/11/2023

The flagship of Massey Ferguson’s New Era of dependable, straightforward and connected fleet blends power with versatility and is tailored specifically to farmer’s needs.

Massey Ferguson has experience in agriculture and the farming business, allowing to build the MF 9S with the latest innovations and engineering expertise.

With its high level of comprehensive standard specification and advanced technology, the MF 9S sets new standards with the unique Protect-U design delivering unrivalled comfort. It also offers larger farmers, professional users and contractors, upper class levels of power, automation and control.

Massey Ferguson announces the introduction of the new MF 9S series, which includes six models in the performance class from 285 hp to 425 hp. All models are equipped with the innovative Protect-U design and offer new standards in terms of performance, comfort and automation. Designed for versatility, the MF 9S's new engine design comes standard with the proven Dyna-VT transmission and includes a host of new features to increase productivity and performance.

The engine of the MF 9S

The 9S series is equipped with a six-cylinder AGCO Power engine with 8.4 liter displacement and can carry 660 liters of fuel (68 liters of AdBlue). Engine Power Management (EPM) increases torque up to 1,750 Nm and generates additional power of up to 30 hp in PTO, transport and hydraulic applications (except MF 9S.425).

The engine, which is also approved for HVO fuel, meets Stage V emissions regulations with a simplified version of the well-known All-In-One system, which no longer uses an EGR valve. Instead, a new, advanced turbo technology is used. Overall, these innovations increase reliability and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Due to the perfect integration of this concept under the cab and the low hood, visibility to the front of the tractor remains first class.

The cabin of the MF 9S

Massey Ferguson's Protect-U engine and cab installation provides visibility and superior comfort. The key to success is an 18 cm wide gap that isolates the encapsulated motor from the cabin. This reduces noise, heat and vibrations in the cabin, which is one of the quietest on the market at 69 dB. With a volume of 3.4 m³, it is one of the most spacious workplaces in the industry.

The premium seat is equipped with a large, comfortable armrest that houses the Datatronic 5 touchscreen terminal and the MultiPad control lever. This allows all important functions, including the electrical control devices, to be controlled and adjusted.

The 6.6 m² glass surface ensures all-round visibility. The forward-sloping windshield combined with the large roof overhang reduces solar radiation and ensures a pleasant cabin climate.

In addition to the standard reversing camera, three additional cameras can be connected to provide an all-round view of both the implement and the road in front of and behind the vehicle.

A new, advanced 360° LED lighting configuration turns night into day with up to 23 work lights.

Automation makes work easier

With the MF 9S, Massey Ferguson also introduces a new level of automation. MF AutoTurn, an option for MF Guide, automatically steers the tractor into the next lane.

With MF AutoHeadland, two headland sequences can be started and stopped automatically depending on the tractor's GPS position. Because the Trimble GPS receiver offers submeter accuracy as standard, it not only improves repeatability but also relieves the operator of repetitive tasks.

Datatronic 5 and the optional Fieldstar 5 touchscreen terminal, equipped with MF Guide, MF TaskDoc and MF Connect telemetry as standard, make smart farming easy.

Attachment controls tractor

For ultimate automation, the MF 9S series is optionally available with TIM (Tractor Implement Management). This advanced Isobus-based system allows automatic control of the tractor's electronic functions depending on the application and requirements of the implement. This means a TIM Isobus compatible attachment can control tractor functions such as ground speed and hydraulics, improving performance and work quality as well as comfort while reducing costs and operator fatigue.

Tire pressure control system optional

All tractors in the MF 9S series are optionally equipped with the new tire pressure control system (CTIS) from Massey Ferguson. Controlled via Datatronic 5 or Fieldstar 5 terminals, it quickly adjusts pressure to reduce compression and achieve optimal traction.

The dual compressor with an output of 650 l/min only takes four minutes to increase the pressure in a typical set of tires VF 710/75R42 + VF 620/75R30 from 0.8 bar to 1.6 bar. CTIS has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by 10-15% and reduce compaction by allowing up to 150% larger contact area.

Highly efficient hydraulics

The MF 9S series tractors benefit from an improved ECO hydraulic system. This delivers 205 l/min at just 1,650 rpm or 270 l/min at 1,850 rpm, helping to save fuel and reduce noise levels. The oil is pumped by a pump with an open center and closed center.

A new closed-centre double pump delivering 340 liters/min at 1,650 rpm or 400 liters/min at 1,850 rpm is available with six control valves. One pump supplies three valves with a continuous flow, while another pump supplies the other three valves with a variable flow and takes care of internal consumers such as: B. the steering takes care of.

A new, simple 5t front linkage linked to the first rear valve provides an affordable option for those who do not require hydraulic front hitches. Independent valve configurations are available, offering up to two front lines, a free return and an Isobus front connection.

Versatile by design

The MF 9S series tractors have a wheelbase of 3.1 m and combine exceptional stability with maneuverability. Weighing just 10,900kg, the MF 9S.425 offers a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio of just 25.4kg/hp, increasing performance.

The low weight increases the payload and improves fuel consumption (1 t additional weight leads to an additional consumption of 1 l/h during transport). For heavy pulling work and higher traction, the tractors can be ballasted with up to 18,000 kg, giving a power-to-weight ratio of up to 64.9 kg/hp for the smallest model. The excellent permissible gross vehicle weight has been increased to 16,000 kg at 50 km/h (1 t more than the MF 8700 S).

A new suspended front axle enables a turning radius of just 5.75 m, depending on the tires. A rear axle with a larger diameter (plus 125 mm) allows for better power transmission to the ground.
The new axle accommodates a wider range of tires, with factory fitted tires including Michelin EvoBib as well as large diameter tires such as the 2.18m VF 750/70R44, which increase traction and reduce soil compaction. Combined with the CTIS option and the low weight of the MF 9S, soil pressure is further minimized, making it ideal for soil preparation and sowing.

Click here to view the MF 9S product brochure.
For more information contact your local Chandlers Massey Ferguson salesman or call Chandlers MF Specialist Andrew Sherriff on 07720 550433.

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