Land Drainage Maintenance from SS Enginering BV

Added 02/10/2023

Chandlers are delighted to announce that we will be supplying the range of professional drainage cleaning machines from SS Enginering BV, from all our depots throughout the UK.

Ensuring regular and proper maintenance of land drainage systems is essential in keeping the soil in good condition and maximising your profits. Good soil increases yields and thus maximises profit. Over the years field drainage systems become inefficient due to the build up of ochre, silt and of course plant roots. Professional drain cleaners provide the very best in drain jetting under high pressure without damage to drain pipes or soil structures. SS Enginering BV cleaners are very reliable and robust using hydraulic systems to ensure efficient and safe working.

Wireless remote control is seen as an excellent option on a Professional Drainjetter. The functions equipped with WRC can be controlled from the ditch side or elsewhere up to a maximum distance of 100 metres. The machine operator can stand near the end pipe to see what function needs to be applied. This avoids walking back and forth the to the machine to control the function required.

SS Drainjetters – are produced by SS Enginering BV, which was founded in the year 2000 and develops and produces professional drain cleaners and industrial cleaners, which are sold worldwide. The company is the market leader in the development of professional drainage cleaning machines and accessories and has experience in developing drain cleaners since 1978.

Contact your local Chandlers depot for more information on the range of products available.

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