Apprentice Awards Vital For Promoting Industry

Added 25/11/2022

The best of the next generation of agricultural engineers was celebrated at this year’s Midlands Machinery Show 2022, with awards that are vital for promoting careers within the industry. 

Pictured at this years Midlands Machinery Show are apprentices Ryan Lomas and Zak Elsden from Chandlers Holbeach, and Kieran Snowden from Chandlers Belton. 

Chandlers Academy Manager Andrew Silvester has been helping apprentices recognise their talent. “I taught agricultural engineering apprentices for seven years at Riseholme College – the highest number was 21 at any one time. During that time we had lots go through the apprentice awards at the Midlands Machinery Show,” says Andrew. 

Having joined Chandlers last year to run the new apprenticeship programme, Andrew is passionate about educating the next generation of engineers. “There’s a vast shortage of engineers in the country and across the world. Students tend to learn better in the workplace because they’re mentored constantly, it’s education 24/7 really. It’s not just learning about being an engineer, it’s learning about life at the same time as learning about the machinery, repairs and safety."

"It’s a win-win for Chandlers because if a student is committed to it, there’s no better way to learn and get paid. Chandlers pay for everything they need. We have created a career path for apprentices – not just the three years of college, but what comes after. We have skilled, advanced and master – so it’s an eight-year career path. And this clear career path can be good for retention as once the apprentices have reached the end of those eight years they’re more likely to stay in the industry.”

"The Midlands Machinery Show is an important method of promoting apprenticeships and agricultural engineering – it’s a great show and the awards are brilliant,” explains Andrew. “I encourage the apprentices to apply, it’s for their own benefit and there’s a great financial reward because tools are expensive and that’s what they can use their reward for.”
For more information about becoming a Chandlers Apprentice please contact Chandlers Academy Manager Andrew Silvester on 07570 671416

Alternatively you can click here to download more information about Chandlers Apprenticeships.

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