Farm Weighbridges

As the UK’s leading supplier of farm weighbridges, Parkerfarm offer an unrivalled range of surface-mount and pit designs. Our products are designed to achieve optimal accuracy, reliability and control, all of which are required for businesses to remain competitive and profitable. The modular design ensures there is always a weighbridge system for your application.
Whether you need to check the weight of incoming deliveries of feed and fertiliser, measure crop yields, or weigh livestock, it is essential that your weighbridge provides reliable weighing data; day-in and day-out.

It’s also vital that vehicle weighing is carried out quickly and efficiently, especially during busy harvest times, which is why our comprehensive weighbridge offering includes:

  • Pit mounted and surface mounted weighbridge models
  • Portable axle weighbridges
  • Remotely operated vehicle recognition systems for rapid weighing (VRS)
  • Wide range of weight indicators, large digit displays and printers
  • Crop storage software
  • Nationwide calibration, service, repair and support
A number of factors should be considered when choosing your weighbridge and Chandlers can help you select the right product for your application. Please ask to speak to our team for more information or download our free guide on selecting the right weighbridge for guidance.

Available from all Chandlers depots.

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