Maschio Gaspardo is a global machinery brand best known in the UK for its power harrows, rotary cultivators, ploughs, combination and precision drills as well as a comprehensive range of flail mowers. Maschio Gaspardo is distributed in the UK by OPICO Ltd.
For over 50 years the Maschio Group has been a leader in the production of power harrows, rotary cultivators, ploughs, flail mowers and seed drills to name but a few products. Over 120 different types of machines are manufactured in 8 factories, of which 80% are exported across the world. Maschio’s main goal has always been to manufacture machines that can offer “Real help to farmers” by using the most technological advanced production methods. It’s easy to see why Maschio products are some of the best on the market today.

The first line up of Maschio products launched in the UK consisted of powerharrows and rotary cultivators. These are now very well established and have been sold in the UK for the last 35 years. Since then a new range of flail mowers, seed drills, combination drills and ploughs have been introduced, with further products to be added year by year, so keep watching for new things to come!

Flail Mowers

The Maschio Flail Mower range is one of the largest available on the UK market with models and features to suit nearly all possible applications. In the design of their flail mower range Maschio have put to good use the 45 years of expertise gained from building gearboxes and drive lines for rotary cultivators. Their build techniques and buying volumes ensure very robust, reliable and competitively priced machines and wearing parts.

Maschio Flail Mowers incorporate the key element to any flail mower which is the ability to create a fine residue whether they are cutting long grass or twigs and branches. This increases the speed that residues are broken down at and ultimately the nutrient value of the residue is absorbed back into the soil more quickly.

All the models produce excellent results ensuring all the worked material is thoroughly cut and mulched at a fast rate enabling a large amount of ground to be covered in a working day. Furthermore, there are a host of small features incorporated into every model to make use and maintenance, easy and safe.

Whilst a mechanical and/or hydraulic offset is available on most standard mounted machines the range also includes fully offset models for field/verge side and ditch mowing. There is is a model to suit all requirements.

Power Harrows

Maschio have been producing power harrows for over 50 years and offer one of the most comprehensive and reliable ranges in the market. There is a power harrow suitable for all situations with the range catering to both small and large-scale farms. Maschio Power Harrows break up the soil into a fine tilth, ensuring it is distributed across the full working width of the machine to prepare an ideal seed bed. They offer a finer tilth than ploughing or subsoiling alone and are often used as a secondary cultivator.

Maschio build 3 key features into every power harrow: STRENGTH, RELIABILITY and EASY MAINTENANCE.

The STRENGTH and RELIABILITY comes from using only the highest quality components. Maschio make most of the key components in house, including rotors, tines and transmission troughs ensuring quality control. In fact, one tine rolls off the production line every 6 seconds!

EASY MAINTENANCE is a feature built into every Maschio product and is considered to be an essential element of the design process. Maschio make it their mission to make machines that are easy to maintain and operate. The Power Harrow “Quick Fit” tines are a prime example of this philosophy, allowing the tines to be changed in seconds. “Easy rotor access” is another example whereby the rotor bearings and seals can be accessed without the need to strip the complete transmission trough.

Maschio Power Harrows have also been purposefully designed to be fully compatible with Maschio seed drills enabling a wide choice of “combination drill” options to suit all requirements.


The rotary cultivator or “rotavator” is synonymous with the name Maschio. As one of the first and now largest producers of rotary cultivators worldwide, Maschio lead the way in the technology involved in producing strong reliable machines which will work in any situation. The Maschio range of rotavators cover virtually all agricultural and horticultural applications and offer machines suitable for use on tractors from 15 to 380hp. In 1964 MASCHIO introduced the first CL Rotary Cultivator with side gear transmission. 

Each Maschio Rotary Cultivator model has been designed with its HP rating and application in mind, however, whilst drive line protection is included on all machines the nature of work that a rotavator does dictates that additional robustness needs to be incorporated into the design. From the drive line to the chassis and hood of the machine Maschio rotary cultivators are built to withstand the rigorous job they do and the unsuspected obstacles they come into contact with under the soil surface.

Whether shaft and gear or chain driven the drive lines are over specified and high quality components are used throughout to ensure longevity and reliability.

Rotors on all Maschio Rotary Cultivators are digitally balanced before being installed on each machine, whilst it is still important to check blades and maintain machines due to wear and tear, this ensures minimal vibration and improves long term reliability.

Seed Drills

Maschio have been producing seed drills since 1991 and whilst they have not been available in the UK the range includes models to suit most applications with many clever features that set them apart from others. The range includes gravity fed or pneumatic machines to provide drilling solutions for combination and solo drilling with a variety of coulter options to suit minimum tillage and plough based cultivation systems.

The Dama gravity fed drill is designed to be coupled with a power harrow to provide a simple economic combination drill. The Alitalia provides a power harrow drill for the professional user and Centauro gives the option of front tank and rear power harrow and coulter bar. The key advantage that all these combination drills have is that they are designed and built by one company and hence compliment each other in work.

The Primavera is a high speed solo drill primarily for minimum tillage systems, its tine coulter set in 4 staggered rows enables it to be used in extremely high levels of crop residue and provide a very low cost drilling solution.


Ploughing is still the most widespread and practiced cultivation in Europe. There are countless advantages thanks to the combination of multiple beneficial effects, both agronomic, and practical. These include combating weeds that are increasingly resistant to herbicides, the reduction of the development of fungal diseases and the de-compaction of soil for better root development. 

The range of ploughs from Maschio offer the latest technology and are built for extra versatility and reliability. Mechanical variable width is standard across all Maschio ploughs, however, a hydraulic adjustment option can be specified. Shearbolt or hydraulic auto reset safety options are also available.

Genuine Maschio Parts 

OPICO is committed to looking after your Maschio machine throughout its working life and can supply genuine wearing and non-wearing replacement parts from Maschio Gaspardo. Maschio Gaspardo have years of experience in producing durable quality parts that are optimally tailored to your machine. A machine fitted with Maschio Gaspardo genuine parts does not affect the machines warranty.

Order genuine Maschio parts from your local Chandlers Parts Department.

Maschio agricultural machines are available from Chandlers Belton, Horncastle, Spilsby, Holbeach, Barnack, Lutterworth and Shefford depots.

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