Kesla specialise in forestry and material handling technology, adding value through high-quality and user-friendly vehicle-mounted material handling solutions. Kesla has three core areas of operation: tractor equipment, harvesting machinery, and vehicle-mounted forestry cranes.
Kesla is the master of material handling in and outside of the forest. Kesla products are based on and produced with Finnish knowledge making them an excellent choice even in the most challenging conditions. A perfect match to any base machine and any customer.

Kesla 316 loader and 144ND trailer with proTRACTION.

Kesla Mounted Crane and Timber Trailer in action.

Kesla C645S Wood Chipper in action.

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Kesla truck-mounted and industrial cranes, previously known as PEKU and FORESTERI, have always been considered extremely durable and efficient in all conditions.

Kesla have a 60-year history in manufacturing tens of thousands of truck-mounted cranes.The best operators are top professionals in their field and, as we all know, they do not grow on trees. And the best operators want to work with the best tools on the market. We can therefore say that for Kesla, the operator is the king.

Timber Cranes

We are proud to guarantee operators the best possible working conditions, excellent ergonomics and superb crane usability. When the operator is happy, we are happy. The range of KESLA cranes includes cranes for handling both short and long wood, chip processing, industrial use and recycling.

KESLA timber cranes are versatile machines. The cranes are most commonly mounted on a truck and used for processing timber – sorting the timber by wood type or handling whole trunks. Kesla cranes are also excellent for bioenergy processing, for example, in chippers or as fixed industrial tools. Our range cranes includes both straight boom and Z-boom cranes.

As a professional, you have clear requirements for your crane. It is our job to provide you with solutions that meet all your needs. KESLA cranes meet the EN12999:2011 HC1/HD4/B4 standard.


Kesla truck-mounted and industrial crane size range features the largest KESLA grapples. They are designed for timber handling, bioenergy processing and for special applications.

Thanks to their optimal geometry, they offer supreme performance and are quaranteed to last. Kesla timber grapples are easy to recognise from their proG model marking.

They are ideal for handling tree trunks. Bioenergy grapples can be recognised from the proGE model marking and are ideal for handling energy wood. Kesla bioenergy grapples also include special models KESLA proG40E3 with three spikes on one side and proG50E6 with three spikes on both sides. Smaller grapples are available in our tractor attachments and logging equipment product groups.

Logging Equipment

Kesla are the global #1 independent manufacturer of harvester heads. As complement to the extensive range of harvester heads we utilize our long expertise of timber cranes' technology to offer cranes for harvesters and forwarders.

In our wide KESLA proG-grapple range it is easy to find an optimal grapple for every use whatever your needs; be it for timber, bioenergy or recycling industry. The range includes timber grapples with area ranging from 0,18 m2 to 0,5 m2.

The renewed geometry increases the performance of timber processing; thanks to new frame solutions, durablity have been taken to a whole new level. The proG grapple series has many attracting features. The goal of grapple's jaw geometry is to collect full load of timber, to keep the log punches straight and pile them easily. In the jaw tips there is a straight part, which helps to collect single logs. Jaw tips move parallel to ground when closed and the jaw tips are closer to each other. This minimizes the amount of additional materials grapped.

Harvester Heads

Kesla’s extensive experience in forest technology has given it superior expertise as a developer of harvesters. Kesla’s harvester family offers the market’s most comprehensive line of both roller and stroke harvester heads. The product family also includes excavator harvester packages as well as special harvesters for eucalyptus handling. When developing the harvester head range, special attention has been paid on requirements of biomass harvesting.

With optional accessories the Kesla harvester heads can be equipped for effective biomass logging in addition to conventional timber harvesting, without compromises.

Kesla is a pioneer in the outfitting of excavators for harvester use. Kesla has in-depth knowledge of almost all the excavator brands and their special requirements. When it comes to stroke harvesters, Kesla is also the world’s market and technology leader. An extensive selection of cranes designed specifically for harvesting use supplements the range of harvester products. As a testimony to Kesla’s quality, several harvester manufacturers around the world have chosen KESLA as their original equipment.

The design and manufacturing of Kesla’s forest machines complies with all applicable international quality criteria. All products pass through a rigorous quality assurance program as well as practical performance and safety tests; the principles of sustainable development guide every aspect of Kesla’s operations.

Forest Machine Cranes

Kesla is a strong player in the forest technology sector. We produce high-quality forestry machinery in Finland with over 60 years of experience. The KESLA product family covers all the work stages of timber harvesting and processing. In addition to the forest-industry, KESLA products are used in many other sectors; including energy production, recycling industry, in ports and on vessels. The KESLA products are exported to more than 35 countries worldwide.

The KESLA cranes and loaders, designed for professional use, combine the latest in crane technology and components and materials of the highest quality. All KESLA cranes and loaders have been designed to withstand hard wear and extreme conditions. In the production phase, each crane goes through a rigorous international quality assurance programme and practical performance and safety tests.

The KESLA crane is a multi-purpose, cost-effective machine for all work in timber supply chain. Several leading forest machine manufacturers rely on the range of KESLA cranes offering a suitable solution for the most base machines and customers’ needs. Carefully considered details are designed to meet customer needs and take the loader into a league of its own in efficiency and reliability. The design is based on durability and long service life, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations and excellent resale value.

Tractor Attachments

KESLA tractor attachments – previously known under the brand PATU – have always been known for their extreme durability. Our tractor attachments are well recognized by their intelligent design solutions and versatility of use – farming, municipality and forest. They are a great match for all tractors, but especially good for Valtra tractors.

Kesla understand that every contractor wants to produce high quality chips efficiently without long downtimes. That is why Kesla chippers provided the very best in build and durabiliy.

Kesla have invested in the most advanced technology, ensuring uniformly good chipping quality, excellent chipper availability, and easy daily maintenance. Keep in mind that Kesla’s range also includes a loader suitable for your chipper.


All KESLA loaders are designed with efficiency, usability and safety in mind. Each loader is a combination of solid strength, reach and agility. In practice, this is demonstrated in the precision, comfort and power of the work: the loader responds to the controls almost like it is reading the driver’s mind. Many of the structural solutions used in our loaders are based on heavy-duty professional cranes, such as truck cranes and forest machines. These solutions make KESLA a durable and reliable partner for forest work.

Timber Trailers

Kesla is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of timber trailers with over 30 years of experience. Kesla offers a large selection of timber trailers for tractors, with a vide variety of uses from timber harvesting to transport. Our comprehensive selection has a perfect solution for every user.

KESLA-timber trailers are designed to withstand heavy year-round use, which is why they undergo rigorous quality and safety testing. The stability, load-carrying capacities, drive and terrain handling characteristics of KESLA timber trailers are superb. The trailer’s drive path remains steady and it readily obeys the driver. In demanding timber harvesting, Kesla is the best partner, one famous for its durability.

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