HE-VA continue to make and develop machines with the aim to increase work rates and improve soil condition to suit the need of individual farms across the world.
Switch to HE-VA Rolls technology to reduce your workload and costs whilst improving eff ectiveness. HE-VA have been manufacturing Agricultural Rolls for approximately 40 years, their experience and knowledge in designing and building the best machines money can buy is second to none. Every model from 4.5m to 20.3m incorporates many clever features ensuring the rolls give even consolidation across the full working width. By switching to HE-VA rolls technology you can speed up the consolidation process and reduce costs.

HE-VA offer an extensive range of cultivation equipment, this includes Disc Cultivators, Stubble Cultivators, Subsoilers and Seeding Tool-bars.

Cambridge Rolls

Every model from 4.5m to 20.3m incorporates many clever features ensuring the rolls give even consolidation across the full working width. 

On Tip Rollers and Tip XL, HE-VA offer many options to turn HE-VA rollers into an all round cultivator including; Shattaboards, Slicerboards, Straw Tines or a Top Cutter. Coupled with a wide choice of Cambridge roller ring types you can specify the right machine to suit any type of land and farming system.

Cultivation Equipment

Subsoiler: HEVA Subsoilers are designed for minimum draft and maximum heave without bringing large unwanted clods to the surface. 

Stealth: a medium depth, low disturbance subsoiler and soil conditioner. Its scalloped straight, front cutting discs cut through trash, vegetation and top soil, reduce soil burst and in turn grassweed germination.

Accu-Disc: The HE-VA Accu-Disc is a double disc coulter with press wheel, this is the next step in Till-Seeding enabling seed placement to be controlled precisely and consistently to your required depth.

Evolution Rape Seeder: The Evolution Rape Seeder is a Subsoiler based all-in-one precision OSR Seeder encompassing a dual metering system hopper and the Accu-Disc seed coulter bar.

Comb-Lift: Now the Disc Roller can be used in conjunction with the Combi-Lift as a one-pass subsoiling and surface cultivation tool.

Disc Roller: The HE-VA Disc Roller Disc Harrow is a result of years of development and testing to find the ideal combination of disc angle and packer ring to give perfect incorporation, mixing and consolidation in one high-speed pass.

Combi-Disc: The Combi-Disc brings together the Subsoiling and Disc Elements in one frame and with HE-VA's clever design allows all the components to be adjusted hydraulically on the move.

Triple Tiller: The Triple Tiller is a high speed Stubble Cultivator designed to work down to 300mm (12") deep depending on conditions and the point option used.

Euro-Tiller: The HE-VA Euro Tillers are designed for seedbed preparation on all soil types. The standard machine has a solid 7 row frame in 60x60x5 cm sectional box section. 

HE-VA Grassland Machinery

The HE-VA grassland machinery range includes the Grass Roller, Grass Rejuvenator, the Stealth LD Grassland Subsoiler and the latest addition to the range launched at LAMMA 2024, the Grass-Combi. 

Grass Roller: Farms and fields are spread over larger distances and yet need the same attention from heavy ballast grass rolls in the spring that they have had in the past. The Grass Roller uses existing HE-VA Rolls technology to solve this increasing problem for today's grassland farmer and contractor.

Grass Rejuvenator: A grassland improvement machine which consists of an aggressive shattaboard with slicing plates, 2 rows of heavy duty harrow tines, an Air 8 or Air 16 Grass seeder and a Prisma roller. The slicing plates and harrow tines break up and level the soil surface in front of the grass seed outlets and the soil is then firmed behind by the Prisma roller.

Stealth LD Grassland Subsoiler: Designed for both arable and grassland systems, the HE-VA Stealth LD Grassland Subsoiler is effective at low disturbance subsoiling to loosen and fracture the medium depth subsoil to relive compaction, which assists drainage and water infiltration, aeration and nitrogen uptake. 

Grass-Combi: Tthe new Grass-Combi has been designed to be a true multi-tasker capable of rejuvenating grassland as well as acting as a stubble harrow and cover-crop establishment tool.

He-Va Seeders

The HE-VA Multi-Seeder and Multi-Seeder Twin have been developed to work in combination with HE-VA cultivation and grassland machinery. 

Whilst the seeders themselves ensure precise seed rates, simple calibration and simple to use controls, the fitting kits that HE-VA have developed allow easy, safe access and provide for all seed placement requirements.

He-Va Front Equipment

The HE-VA Front Equipment range gives you the choice between two main models - the popular V-Profile Front Press and Front Pakker. Sizes range from 1.5m to 6m hydraulic folding models with a range of different ring types to suit different land types. Add a shattaboard to the V-Profile and Front Pakker and you increase consolidation, levelling and cultivation. 

The V Profile Front Press is by far the most popular in the HE-VA range suiting all soil types. Its sharp rib cuts clods whilst its 45º V-Profile consolidates even the lightest ground.

Available from Chandlers Belton, Horncastle, Spilsby, Holbeach, Barnack, Lutterworth and Shefford depots.

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