Bogballe is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of fertiliser spreaders, positively bristling with innovative features to ensure the machine is simple to use, easy to set, gives an accurate application rate and spread pattern and stands the test of time.
The M and L-Line spreaders have a range of up-to-date, innovative features. The design, versatility and quantity control makes the machine more than just a fertiliser spreader. An investment in a Bogballe spreader offers reliability during field work, handling high value fertilisers with care and applied with maximum precision - exactly as you would wish!

M-Line Spreaders

The latest Bogballe M-Line spreaders are packed with functions designed to meet the needs of larger farms and contractors. They provide higher capacities, greater efficiency and more GPS technology to make spreading easier. Bogballe has considered every detail when it designed the M-Line spreaders. They have an attractive look with LED lights integrated into the reflector board and lots of other smart features. All M-Line Spreaders are now supplied with folding hopper covers and lights as standard. Fully sealed (IP69-K), water and dust proof LED lights are integrated in to a large reflector ensuring the machine is easy to see day or night. Light in colour, the hopper covers allow light into the machine so the contents can be easily assessed, whilst the simple stainless steel catch and large opening lever make for easy operation.

L-Line Spreaders

Bogballe L-Line models offer carrying capacities of 500 to 2050 litres. Like the M-Line, L-Line spreaders are designed to deliver reliability and accuracy. With their advanced features, Bogballe spreaders can help reduce excess nitrogen application on paddocks and into waterways.

Whether you have a road, car park or footpath to keep open during the winter months Bogballe offer a salt/grit spreader to suit your needs. All salt spreaders work with small tractors or in the case of the S2 trail any towing vehicle such as a lawn tractor, ATV or car. In addition to the treatment of slippery surfaces the S-Line range can also be used for the maintenance of parks, golf courses or any other green areas. The machines are ideal for top dressing applications of fertiliser and spreading sand.

Available from Chandlers Belton, Horncastle, Spilsby, Holbeach, Barnack, Lutterworth and Shefford depots.

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Chandlers pleased to be appointed Bogballe dealers

We are very pleased to announce that Chandlers have been appointed Bogballe fertiliser broadcaster dealers with immediate...Read more

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