Corvus UTV's

Leading manufacturer of UTV's made in Europe. CORVUS was born under the intention of making its users enjoy the best Off-Road experience with agile vehicles capable of everything, with the best driving experience on the market.
Going the distance is easier when the whole process is under one roof. CORVUS design their own components and accessories to offer alternatives adapted to each user and need. This helps cope with market fluctuations, and ensures Corvus are competitive in an ever expanding market.

Terrain EX4

The Terrain EX4 is an electric UTV capable of tackling the toughest working days thanks to its off-road capabilities. It achieves 40km/h/25mph and can be driven on roads, making it ideal for a quiet, non-polluting everyday work vehicle. It offers high load capacity, lower maintenance and high vehicle durability with the precise power needed.

With less maintenance and no fuel costs, UTV electric vehicles are significantly more affordable and cost-effective. All Terrain EX4 models are approved to EU T1a standards and equipped with automotive safety windshield glass, three-point belts, indicators, headlamps and brake lights, horn, mirrors and windshield wipers. There is a dual power selector with a choice of RANGE and POWER and the Terrain EX4 offers ample storage and load capacity of up to 300 kg thanks to its large, unique cargo box.

Terrain GX4

The compact Terrain GX4 is strong in less space. It's powerful 570 EFI petrol engine and 4×4 system with rear differential lock give the Terrain GX4s unmatched power. A true all-terrain vehicle with ideal dimensions.

One of the strong points of this UTV is the size ratio of the cabin. In two words, spacious and spacious. In addition, its ergonomic and intuitive driving position offers the worker surprising comfort and a good driving experience that translates into comfort throughout the work day.

Terrain DX4

The new TerrainDX4 follows in the tracks of its predecessor, but with improvements that make it undoubtedly superior. A powerful and robust 4×4 diesel vehicle, generous storage and load capacity, fully prepared to excel in farmland, forestry work, stock breeding and maintenance services.


The new TerrainDX2 is the definitive 4×2 UTV for mobile work on rustic land. A sensible option for anyone who needs a powerful 24 hp and 993 cc machine, with lots of scope for customisation to suit any environment. Ideal for work that doesn’t require high capacity and off-road traction.

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