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Added 26/06/2024

LiveLink Asset Tag uses the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology to allow you to track the location of any attachment and other non-powered assets, no matter the size, function or brand. Integrated seamlessly into the LiveLink system, the location of each Asset Tag can be viewed, alongside machine data.

How does it work?

The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Asset Tag can be fitted to any asset, attachment, or accessory using bolts or adhesive. Please note that it is strongly advised to fit the Asset Tag to the upper quarter of an asset, as signal strength will be greatly improved in this area. JCB recommends a mechanical fitment. Adhesive tape is recommended for internal use only.

  • The Asset Tag transmits a Bluetooth signal once every 10 seconds within a range of 800m line of sight.
  • This message is then picked up by any enabled connected device within signal range. It doesn’t have to be on a machine you own, nor does it need to be a LiveLink unit - there are other units in our partners connected ‘mesh’ network. This means any one of these connected devices or LiveLink units, regardless of who owns the asset, will report the encrypted location of your Asset Tag, but only you will be able to see it, maximising connectivity while also increasing security.
  • The signal is then transferred to the LiveLink system, showing the Asset Tag’s last known location.

What can I use the Asset Tag on?

The asset tag has been designed to attach onto any asset regardless of size, function, and brand. For example, hand powered tools, agricultural attachments, forks, buckets, shovels, hydraulic breakers, dumpsters, skips, hydraulic power packs and portacabins etc. It can be used on non-JCB products as long as it is used within an 800m line of enabled JCB LiveLink units or partner units and is registered to an active LiveLink account.

What makes it better than competitors?
  • Better range, highest rating, better price (for industrial use)
  • The hardwearing IP69K* rated infrastructure makes ideal for outdoor, industrial use.
  • The self-contained battery offers over 4 years battery life making it ideal for tracking non-powered assets and offering long lasting peace of mind.
  • It can be securely fixed onto any asset using either adhesive or bolts.
  • Long range Bluetooth tracking of up to 800m line of sight.
  • Compact design makes it discreet and easy to install onto assets of every shape and size.
  • The location of each Asset Tag is pulled through into LiveLink and can be viewed, alongside machine data for full fleet visibility.
  • It can be attached to any asset regardless of shape, size, function, and brand.
How is the Asset Tag attached?

It can be attached using bolts, adhesive, cable ties or secured otherwise. JCB recommend a mechanical fitment.

Does it need to be used on JCB products only?

No, the Asset Tag has been designed for mixed fleets and can therefore be used on products of any brand, giving customers complete control. Asset Tags work with enabled LiveLink units and partner units within an 800m range. In some areas coverage can be enhanced with the deployment of independent LiveLink units.

*What does IP69 rated mean?

IP69 rating certifies that equipment can withstand intensive cleaning with high-pressure, high-temperature jets and is completely dustproof.

For more information download the LiveLink brochure or contact your local Chandlers RFM JCB Service Manager at Ross-On-Wye, Martley, Raglan or Cirencester.


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