Selecting Valtra again was an easy decision!

Added 09/06/2022

Agribale Ltd has ordered a large fleet of Valtra tractors again for this harvest, after using the brand for the first time last year.

AgriBale Ltd specialises in supplying biomass for energy production. Straw is baled by a fleet of 14 large square balers, then collected and transported by seven Heath SuperChasers which each carry 12 Hesston size bales.
“We buy straw within a 50-mile radius of our Peterborough base, then bale and store it until the fuel is needed. Last year we baled approximately 60,000t and expect that figure to increase in future,” explained Managing Director Doug Price.

The baling season starts with a small amount of hay, but most is during a 10-week period from the start of the cereals harvest until September. Miscanthus is baled in the spring, and demand for the crop is increasing.

“For most of the year we use just a few tractors and telehandlers and a fleet of seven lorries, so it’s cost-effective to hire the additional tractors for harvest,” he continued. “Last year I was approached by Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd, regarding changing from a competitor brand to Valtra.”

“We hadn’t used Valtra before, but the tractors have a good reputation and we were confident in the support from the dealer. The Area Sales Representative, Ben Shacklock put together a competitive deal, so we placed an order.” The 17-tractor hire fleet included eight T234, and four T254 Versu models to power the balers, plus five T234 Direct tractors to pull the Heath chasers. The tractors were all supplied in black, and with black wheels. “Black tractors with red balers are immediately recognisable as ours and create a professional image which inspires confidence in our service.”

The tractors all had Valtra Connect telematics. “Fleet management was much easier,” Doug stressed. “We cover a large area and monitoring the fleet’s progress through a smartphone app helped me make informed decisions regarding which tractors and balers to allocate to which jobs without having to phone the drivers.”

The tractors went straight to work and the 12 on balers ran at maximum power in boost mode every day. “We had minor teething issues, but there was only one afternoon that we couldn’t operate at full capacity. Chandlers looked after us well, and after the first 50-hour services we experienced very few problems.”

“We will need even more tractors this year, and an order has been placed with Chandlers for the latest 5-series models which feature useful upgrades. Our operators like Valtra and the back-up from Chandlers last year was exceptional, so selecting Valtra again was an easy decision," Doug confirmed.

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