Largescale environmental and arboricultural projects

Added 13/06/2022

A Hampshire-based contractor specialising in large-scale environmental and arboricultural projects says that the Valtra T234 he bought last year remains ideal for his rapidly growing business.

“Most of our early work was for private landowners,” explained GroundLord Managing Director Josh Pritchard. “Demand for our services grew, and within just a few years a separate division was formed to handle larger contracts for councils, local authorities and as part of national infrastructure projects including HS2. We use 360-degree excavators for heavy lifting and tree clearing, but we also needed a versatile tractor to mow and clear rough grass and scrub, and which could power and tow our trailed chipper, as well as move heavy plant, woodchip, and wood products on trailers. The Valtra range looked ideal and the local dealer representative impressed us, so we accepted his recommendation and placed an order.”

The Valtra T234 Active arrived in March last year, with TwinTrac reverse drive, a Skyview cab, and a front linkage and PTO. “I don’t think there is anything I would change,” stressed Josh. “It’s attractive, well finished and comfortable, and the all-around vision is excellent. I love driving it.”

The company’s growing workload due to involvement in even more large-scale environmental projects means that an additional tractor will be required. “Our experience so far means it’s very unlikely we would consider any other brand so a second Valtra from our dealer, Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd, will almost certainly join our fleet soon,” he confirmed.

For more information contact Chandlers Forestry Equipment Specialist Rob Jenkins on 07717 681795 or email

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