Achilles UVDB Silver Plus

Added 17/05/2022

Chandlers Farm Equipment is pleased to announce it has been awarded an Achilles UVDB Silver Plus accreditation.

This validation by Achilles was granted on the basis or rigorous independent audit of our Health & Safety, Quality and Environment management systems, both in-house and on-site and will be reassessed at regular intervals. It provides a number of benefits to us as a Company and also ensures that our clients can continue to trust us as a supplier and our robust management systems.

As a supplier of Farm Machinery, Chandlers can through their Achilles registration demonstrate that we fully understand and meet the operational requirements of companies in this market sector.

Our Achilles accreditation provides:

  • Our demonstrable Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ) capabilities
  • It allows our customers to reduce their time and effort in pre-qualifying potential suppliers
  • Evidence of our clear understanding of the sector’s requirements
  • Our information is accurate and always up to-date

Visit Achilles for more information.


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