Väderstad farm machinery is built to create the optimum environment allowing for perfect emergence in your field. Whether it’s cultivation, seedbed preparation or seed placement, Väderstads vision is to ensure perfect emergence to maximise yields.
Väderstads ambition is to develop machines that carry out several tasks, at a high work rate, in a single pass. The advantages of this are obvious. Fields are ready for drilling at the right time and provide the best conditions for maximum yield, while there are savings in terms of time, energy and money for the farmer.

Sseed drills, cultivators, harrows and rollers are produced for different climate zones, from the sands of Australia to the clays of Northern Europe. Different crops place different demands on seed placement and soil tillage. 

Much of the testing work on new machines is carried out in close partnership with farmers around the world. This type of shared development work is important for us, since the feedback often leads to improvements and new ways of thinking.

The new innovation Proceed


The new Carrier XT

Optimizing disc performance. New 4 to 6 metre disc cultivator family.

Available from Chandlers Wallingford and Southam depots.

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Same Fields. New Standards.

The new Inspire 1200C/S - 12 metre high capacity seed drill. Combi and seed only. Coming Autumn 2022. Excellent field...Read more

Added 09/03/2022