Techneat Terracast

Chandlers Farm Equipment suply a range of pioneering specialist application products from Techneat.
Terracast Duo

The Terracast Duo is a combined seeder and starter fertiliser system that has been developed to work with hybrid rape seed and micro granular nutrients. The system features two hoppers sharing a common fan, venturi, and distribution assembly. The hoppers are matched to typical application rates of hybrid rapeseed at 2-3kg/ha  and starter fertiliser at 15 kg/ha so that filling will be done at the same time for both hoppers.

The Terracast Duo can be specified with any number of outlets and is flexible if your increase the number of cultivator legs in the future by changing the distribution head.

Terracast V2

The Terracast V2 is a very popular and well regarded seeder unit from Techneat that has a proven pedigree being one of the best-selling seeders in recent seasons with great results in the field. Users find it reliable and accurate. Having a separate metering and distribution head has several advantages over metering into each outlet. The Terracast V2 is easy to upgrade to a greater number of outlets by changing the distribution head.  Low seed rates, like those advised for hybrid varieties can easily be achieved because all the seed is going through the same metering system.

It can be fitted with a split hopper to apply slug pellets with OSR.  We also have a novel split venturi device that delivers the seed and pellet into separate air flows so that the pellets can be broadcast and the seed banded.

Terracast GR

The Terracast GR is a granular version of the Terracast seeder unit that has an upgraded fan, metering system and distribution head compare to the standard Terracast V2 making it able to evenly distribute nematicide and starter fertiliser products.  It can also be used as a seeder with minimal modifications.

Available from all Chandlers depots.

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