Chandlers Farm Equipment supply a range of pioneering specialist application products from Techneat for the agricultural market. All Techneat machines are covered by a 1 year warranty with a full range of spares and after sales support and service available.
Outcast Range

The Outcast range offers Slug Pelleting up to 36m. Both the V2 and Duo can offer forward speed related output with positive displacement metering units giving unrivalled accuracy. Whether your requirement is a proven 24m applicator for your UTV or a system to be intergrated into the main farm sprayer then the Techneat Outcast is the choice for you.

Outcast V2

The Outcast V2 is a sprayer mounted slug pellet applicator. It is a well proven machine developed since 2005 and can now achieve spread widths of up to 48m. It uses a unique system of satellite spinning disks on the sprayer boom. The slug pellets are metered from a front or rear mounted hopper into an airstream and blown to satellite spinning discs on the booms for distribution. The Outcast V2 is the only slug pellet applicator on the market that genuinely gives even distribution at 36m and over. Each spinning disc is used to spread the pellets a distance of 12 metres in total – 6 metres from the centre line of the disc.

Outcast Duo

The Outcast Duo is a twin spinning disc applicator. It is designed to fit on to the flat bed of a utility vehicle, like a Gator or Mule.  It spreads to a distance of 24m and at typical forward speed of up to 15kph. The control system uses GPS speed sensing and pellets are metered onto each spinning disc so that you can be assured that your application is uniform and accurate. The Outcast Duo can be fitted to the front or rear tractor linkage or fitted to the front of a 24m sprayer.

Placement Pro Range

Consisting of both liquid and granular versions the Placement Pro range will have all your fertiliser requirements covered. Each  model can be specified for many different row widths and crops.

From the Gravity fed "GR" and the Pneumatic "Air" granular applicators we also offer the "LQ" for accurate application of liquid fertiliser. All machines are land speed related to ensure 100% accuracy. Manufactured and built in house the chassis are either heavy duty powdercoated finish or highly durable galvanised finish.

Placement Pro GR

The Placement Pro GR is a front mounted fertiliser applicator which is typically used to band conventional or prilled fertiliser over 2 or 3 rows.  It has a robust land wheel and stainless steel components to ensure accurate, corrosion free operation.  The 1200 litre hopper is designed to accommodate a 1 tonne bulk bag or 2 600kg bags of fertiliser to minimise filling time.

The machine can be fitted with tines to place the fertiliser in the soil or fishtails to place it on the surface.  The tines are staggered and boards are positioned on the sides to reduce bulldozing and maintain the integrity of the seed bed.  Depth wheels control the exact height of the fertiliser in the bed.

Placement Pro AIR

The Placement Pro Air is a front mounted fertiliser applicator which is typically used to band conventional or prilled fertiliser over 3 beds. It has an electronic control system and stainless steel components to ensure accurate, corrosion free operation.  The 1500 litre hopper is designed to accommodate a 1 tonne bulk bag or 2 600kg bags of fertiliser to minimise filling time.

The powerful hydraulic fan ensures the delivery pipes do not become blocked and forward speeds can be kept high. The Placement Pro Air is commonly used by salad, vegetable and growers.

Placement Pro LQ

The Placement Pro LQ is a precision front mounted liquid fertiliser for injection on the potato planter.  The system uses two angled tines or single delta wing tine per row with placement 2 inches below and 1 inch to the side of the seed to avoid burning the roots.  The 1000 litre tank fits to a close coupling CAT 2 linkage to maximise driver visibility.

The system has a powerful hydraulic pacer pump to achieve very high application rates.

Multicast Range

The Multicast is a highly versatile air seeder that can apply most products by simply changing the metering cartridge.

Techneat has manufactured air seeders since the 1990s, Initially starting  with the combine mounted Autocast machine our range quickly expanded to include the cultivator mounted Terracast and more recently the high spec Avacast GR that would apply seeds and Avadex granules. From 2023 we now manufacture the Multicast. This will cover all aspects of our previous range of machines. Small seeds, Cover crops, Slug Pellets and micro granules can be applied by simply changing the metering cartridge. The Multicast is available in 200 or 400L tank sizes and can be mounted to implements or suppled with its own boom and trailer to tow behind a quad. All models come with a powerful fan and an adjustable distribution head to maximise accuracy.

Multicast 200

The Multicast 200 is a Multi use air seeder that will apply most products on a wide variety of implements.  It features a compact 200 litre hopper and is commonly mounted on rolls, drill, or on a utility vehicle.  The powerful hydraulic fan provides air to deliver products up to 12m width.  The machine can be supplied with single spreader plates for seed or the twin outlet (500mm spaced) outlets for accurate Avadex application. The unit comes with a T frame to make installation easy on to a wide variety of implements.

It can be supplied with dual tanks which fits well onto a combine header to establish OSR and apply slug pellets simultaneously (Autocasting).

Multicast 400

The Multicast is a multi use air seeder. Combining the jobs of the Terracast V2, Autocast V2 and Avacast GR the Multicast covers many jobs on the farm.

The 400L tank version is typically mounted on large rolls or drills.  Reducing the number of passes on the field cuts down soil compaction and fuel costs. The unit has a 400L hopper and uses the Techneat rate controller to monitor forward speed and adjust output automatically using a Garmin GPS sensor. Different distribution heads are available to suit all widths - outlet options include the well proven twin spreader plates giving 500mm spacing across the machine or a conventional single spreader plate.

The machines are supplied as a kit ready to be fitted including all hose work/clamps wiring kit etc.

Multicast 400 Mounted

The Multicast 400 mounted unit attaches to the front or rear of the tractor using a Cat 3 linkage.

The hopper is 400 Litres and booms are available in either manual fold 12m or 15m. All booms are the GEO Boom type that give very good stability across varying terrain. The fan is driven by hydraulic oil from the tractor. The output of the machine is monitored via a Garmin GPS module that varies output in accordance with forward speed. A tunable distribution head ensures NSTS compliance. The unit is supplied NSTS tested ready to go along with hydraulic hoses to ensure an easy set up.

Multicast 1200 24m

The 24m Multicast 1200 has a large 1200 litre hopper and 24m hydraulic lift and fold boom combination. It mounts with a CAT 3 rear linkage. The large hopper minimises the potential exposure of the operator when applying Avadex. The boom features full suspension and hydraulic control of lift, fold and level.

The machine has two metering systems allowing independent control of each boom section. The control system is monitored from the cab and uses Garmin GPS for variance in forward speed. The high output hydraulic fan delivers ample airflow to carry the product to the double spreader plates mounted at 500mm spacing along the boom.

Multicast Trailed

The Multicast 400 trailed unit is one of the most versatile and easy to use "straight to field" applicators on the market. This unit can be towed behind a 450cc quad bike or UTV. The trailer unit has a wide track to reduce ground pressure alongside the  well respected GEO Boom ensuring that the boom travels level across even the roughest terrain - 12m or 15m configurations are possible. The machine uses a reliable Honda 5.5HP engine to drive the fan unit and Garmin GPS unit to drive the metering unit with a Techneat rate control system. This machine will accurately apply Avadex or seeds across the working width - making use of a tunable distribution head to ensure NSTS compliance. The units are set up ready to go. Just fill the hopper and add some petrol and go spreading!

This unit is very popular with contractors for applying Avadex granules.

Multicast Twin Air

The Multicast Twin Air machine can be fitted directly to a sprayer utilising the boom to accurately apply granules or seeds up to 36m. The machine uses a  400L hopper, high output fan and 2 metering units that feed a  tunable distribution head on each boom side. This allows for half width shut off for accurate headland control.

The application rate is monitored and adjusted automatically by a Garmin GPS sensor linked to independent in cab consoles. Headland shut off is also controlled from the cab. The machine is also supplied with slug pellet cartridges giving very accurate placement at 500mm spacing across the boom.

Multicast 200 UTV mount

The Multicast 200 UTV is a skid mounted unit that is usually purchased for the application of Avadex microgranules. It can be easily mounted into the buck of a vehicle by using the tie down points or bolted through the floor. 

The 12m boom is manually operated and features boom geometry so it keeps level while traversing rough terrain. The machine is monitored by an in-cab control console that shows forward speed/application rate/hectare meter and GPS indicator. The distribution head can be tuned for NSTS compliance. Other products can be applied through the machine by simply changing the metering cartridge.

Available from all Chandlers depots.

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