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Merlo is a an innovative and extremely versatile industrial company that designs, develops and produces most of its components in-house. This makes it possible to always find the best solution for the requirements of the customer.
Merlo’s success in the world stems from its capacity to know how to anticipate the needs of the markets and every machine produced proves the company’s commitment to offering their customers the best technology available today, with the guarantee of fifty years of experience in research and innovation.

Thanks to the research, the innovation and the continuous development of new products, Merlo further strengthens its leadership in agricultural and construction technologies and quality. Whoever buys a Merlo machine chooses a product that meets the highest standards of quality, reliability and innovation. The customer can count on first-class assistance and maintenance services offered by our specialist service technicians.

Livestock Farming - Cattle, Poultry & Silage.

Open Field and Farming.

Cereal Transport, Barn Cleaning, Digester Feeding.

Compact Telescopic Handlers

Merlo Compact telescopic handlers are recognized worldwide as the all-purpose par excellence, offering models that can be used both in agriculture - farming, haymaking, fruit growing and forestry - and in construction and industrial sectors, without neglecting more specific contexts such as recycling, municipalities and mines.

The compact telescopic handlers range is made up of three models that differ in terms of equipment and dimensions. The P27.6 is available in two models and also the TF30.9.

Merlo P27.6

The P27.6 is the reference model in the compact segment: with a width of 6 feet and a height of 6.4 ( this telescopic handler offers unparalleled maneuverability and accessibility, lifting up to 5952 lbs. and reaching lifting heights of 19.4 ( The smallest model in the compact telescopic handlers family. Combined with high maneuverability, makes it extremely easy to use during material handling and positioning, also in small spaces.

Equipped with the exclusive Merlo cab, already a favorite on the higher segment models, it guarantees the most spacious and comfortable driving position available on the market. The large glass surface, the level of soundproofing and the exclusive roominess allow you to make the most of the capacities of this model, reducing fatigue and guaranteeing maximum safety.

Merlo TF30.9

The TF30.9 won the "Machine of the Year 2015" award at the SIMA exhibition in Paris. This model represent the ideal compromise between performance and size; the lifting capacity increases up to 7275 lbs. with lifting height up to 28.3 ( while maintaining reduced overall dimensions thanks to a targeted engineering study. The TF30.9 is the result of a long and accurate work of modular design and production.

This model is recognized for the high and innovative technological content that Merlo engineers have enclosed in machines of small sizes but with high performance levels. The model in this range has a capacity of 6613 lbs. with a lift height of 28.3 ( The strength of this model is the wide range of versions that allows you to choose among numerous specifications and exclusive technological content to meet every customer’s need.

Medium Capacity Telehandlers

The Medium Capacity telehandlers are the focal point of the range produced by Merlo. The technical architecture, applied to these models, translates to unique and very versatile, top-performing and user-friendly machines. Making the most of our telescopic, operating speed, nimbleness and agility performance, Merlo machines are suitable for all sectors. These models are incredibly versatile and will support you in your everyday work, from logistics to handling, through storage. Moreover, they offer the opportunity to tow heavy trailers, also on public roads. 

The Medium Capacity telehandler range consists of two families of models available in multiple versions with lifting capacities between 8400 lbs. and 9250 lbs. and lifting heights of up to 32.8 ( The strength of this range lies in its broad selection of products, which allows the customer to choose from among various exclusive technological options, like the suspended cab, the boom sideshift system and the continuously variable transmission, thus meeting all the end users’ various operational needs. This allows customers to choose the right option.

The main features are:

• Compact and highly maneuverable models
• Lift capacity up to 9259 lbs.
• Lift height up to 33 feet.
• Merlo interface for use with over 40 attachments.

Boom consisting of a double “C” profile in highstrength steel with welds made along the neutral bending axis. Hydraulic hoses and electrical wires positioned inside the boom with a “cartridge” system, to protect against any possible impacts and easy extraction in case of maintenance. The Lshaped runner blocks are made of composite material to maximize efficiency and reduce impact and wear on the sliding surfaces.

The Merlo boom solution can offer:

• High accuracy with millimetric precision of movement control.
• No bending of the structure.
• Protection of the components and hoses against impacts.

Heavy Duty Telehandlers

The Heavy Duty range of telehandlers has been developed to meet the needs of all those who have to carry out demanding work and move heavy loads in complete safety. The technical architecture, applied to Merlo telehandlers, translates to unique and very versatile, top-performing and user-friendly machines. Using the numerous technologies developed and patented by Merlo, this range offers excellent telescopic performance without limiting the speed of work, the maneuverability and ease of use typical of Turbofarmer and Panoramic products.

These characteristics ensure that the models in this range can handle large quantities of material in a short space of time, providing the optimum response in the field of logistics, material handling and storage, without neglecting the handling of components thanks to equipment designed specifically for specific requirements such as the maintenance of large machinery. For this reason the Heavy Duty range is used in a variety of sectors: from industry to mining; from earth moving to agriculture; from construction to waste treatment.

The Heavy Duty telehandler range consists of four families of models available in multiple versions. This allows customers to choose the right option.

The main features are:

• Power ratings of 115 to 170 HP.
• Lift capacity up to 26,455 lbs.
• Lift height up to 59 ft.
• Merlo interface for use with over 40 attachments.

Cingo Transporters

The Cingo muli-purpose transporters are compact and easy-to-handle machines designed for working in tight spaces. In addition, the low centre of gravity ensures maximum lateral stability on slopes, and the tracks put less pressure on the ground, providing greater adherence on uneven and irregular terrain.

The versatility and multi-tasking aspect of the Cingo system is unique: the patented device for rapid coupling allows numerous attachments to be used.

The wide range available includes models with capacities from 400 kg up to 1200 kg and there are three types of machine:

TRANSPORTERS: mini operating machines for transporting and loading materials.

MULTI-FUNCTION MACHINES: mini operating machines for transporting and loading materials coupling (Merlo Patent) with numerous attachments that can be used with them.

HANDLER 400: the exclusive Handler system, coupled with a wide range of attachment suitable on the boom head, consists in a compact telescopic handler on tracks.

The Cingo are versatile and tireless machines, formaintaining green areas (mowing grass, trimming branches, pruning and clearing brushwood), road and forestry cleaning, snow clearing on roads, agricultural and animal husbandry businesses and in construction work (excavating, transport, concrete mixing). Safe and reliable for numerous applications, the Cingo are easy to use and drive thanks to the hydraulic controls and the hydraulic or hydrostatic transmission. Narrow passages are no problem: the width of the various models is smaller than normal apartment doors and they can all spin around thanks to the counter-rotation of the tracks.

For more information on the CIngo Track Carrier Range click here.


The continuous search for specific innovative solutions and technologies, in order to satisfy the needs of customers, has led Merlo S.p.A. to the creation of an exclusive range of telehandlers with small dimensions and respectful of the environment as they are 100% powered by electric batteries. These machines are designed to completely reduce noise levels and polluting emissions, increase manoeuvrability in confined spaces and drastically reduce operating costs compared to similar models equipped with heat engines powered by diesel fuel.

Thanks to these unique features, the new range is the ideal tool for applications in closed environments such as stables, warehouses, materials sheds, industries and underground environments ensuring operation and traction even in off-road situations for the needs of municipalities, agriculture, construction and landfills.

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