Since 1968, Joskin have been drawing strength from the agricultural world. Anticipating your needs and delivering appropriate professional solutions has been Joskin's business for more than 50 years.
With more than 50 years of experience and more than 115,000 machines sold throughout the world, JOSKIN puts its resources more than ever at the service of the farmer by offering products that are increasingly adapted to the evolution of the agricultural world. Joskin are constantly investing in the design and production of your machines. Either in the research and development of new solutions, in production techniques or in the search for better materials, JOSKIN are working hard to keep improving the production standards to offer you the best agricultural machinery.

From high quality Slurry Spreaders, Injectors, Tankers, Aerators, Pasture Choppers and Toppers as well as a wide variety of Trailers.

JOSKIN Drakkar Walkaround

Considered as the multi-talent in the JOSKIN range, the Drakkar is a multipurpose trailer for the transport of many different types of material: silage, grains, pulp, beets, potatoes, etc. Thanks to its unique and very fast unloading system, with a hermetic conveyor belt and a moving front wall, the material avoids being damaged, while the body is perfectly stable during the use. Its low weight is due to the synthetic side walls (UV-resistant Carbofont), which allows to transport a maximal payload. Furthermore, its running gear ensures a perfectly stable driving performance, whatever the terrain type.

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The Strength of Experience

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