FP McCann is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete agricultural solutions and prestressed walling solutions to the agriculture sector.
FP McCann has been supplying the agricultural industry with quality precast concrete solutions for over 60 years with solutions for livestock dairy buildings, bulk storage such as grain, crops, fertilizer, slurry storage and silage. Valued customer relationships drive FP McCann to develop better products, in addition to adapting existing products to best meet the needs of farmers and farm building contractors. FP McCan are remain committed to the agricultural community by developing high-quality products that are built to last and can be quickly and easily installed, ensuring on-time delivery.

Cattle Slats

FP McCann produces a range of cattle slats, ideal for use over slurry channels, underground tanks or as part of a suspended floor system.
All cattle slat products are manufactured in accordance with BS 5502 and ISO 9001, ensuring that quality, durability and animal welfare are at the heart of the design and manufacture.

The cattle slats are suitable for use as livestock flooring and are made from high-strength reinforced concrete, designed to withstand the pressure and demands associated with livestock management over a considerable time period. These products are suitable for use with all classes of livestock loading.

Dairy Systems

Ever since cows were first housed, the effective removal of the manure, slurry and the cleanliness of the cows have been primary objectives. The FP McCann slatted cubicle building comes close to achieving this ideal.
FP McCann’s prestressed concrete stock walling is ideal for containing livestock providing a smooth surface for quick wash down. Stock wall panels are 80mm thick and made to suit your desired lengths; tongue and groove joints allow for very quick installation with a clean finish.

We generally recommend using tractor-loading slats within the building, up to a 4-tonne axle loading weight, which should be adequate for any likelihood. Inspection/access hatches can be distributed around the building. The collection yard can be slatted generally, at least 3m away from the parlour entrance, or can be scraped or washed into a channel. Either of these options can then be fed into the main tank if levels and proximity allow. The slurry can be extracted by tanker, pump or by the umbilical system.

Dirty Water Tanks

The precast concrete dirty water tank is used to store all forms of dirty water and is available in a range of sizes, depending on the estimated volume of effluent produced. All tanks come complete with solid lids.

Grain & Crop Storage

FP McCann’s prestressed concrete Horizontal Panels, precast Rocket Walls™ and prestressed concrete Vertical Cantilever Panels are ideal for all your Grain and Crop Storage needs. FP McCann produces a range of cattle slats, ideal for use over slurry channels, underground tanks or as part of a suspended floor system.

Prestressed Concrete Horizontal Panels

The versatility of FP McCann’s Horizontal Panels makes them ideal for creating flexible storage bays of all sizes with a range of thicknesses. Our prestressing process provides enormous strength over a precast panel, making our panels ideal for securely containing grain and other crops. Our controlled factory engineering allows us to work with you to specify an affordable solution to meet your requirements. Horizontal panels typically fix to the steel frame of the building and do not require foundation or casting into position.

Precast Concrete Rocket Walls™

Our Rocket Walls™ are high quality, freestanding, precast concrete units. They are designed to be sited on an existing concrete floor slab or foundation and, for improved site safety and maximum efficiency, are bolted down using fixing bolts to prevent movement. It is this uniqueness that makes them suitable for a variety of uses.

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