With over 35 years’ experience of building high quality agricultural trailers, Chieftain are the professional choice for low loaders, dump trailers and grain silage trailers. Chieftain also manufacture aviation, static and highway towable fuel bowsers that comply with UN fuel transportation regulations and EU type approval.
Fuel Bowsers

Chieftains UN approved bunded towable Fuel Bowsers comply with all UN fuel transportation regulations and have full EU type approval. This permits the safe and legal transportation of diesel on the open highway. The tough chassis and high speed twin axles ensure ease of towing for the driver. Chieftain also manufacture Aviation bowsers for use with Avgas and Jet A1, and bunded static fuel bowsers are also available. Various options available on all models.

Low Loaders

Chieftain’s low loader trailers are used by everyone from farmers to miners as they cater for an exceptionally wide range of transport solutions. These low loaders have been perfected over 35 years. Chieftain’s tractor drawn low loader customers receive the benefit of our years of experience within the Commercial sector and they can therefore rest assured that their low loader trailer will be manufactured to the highest standards. As a professional farming contractor, Chieftain will provide you with the best low loader for your job.

Chieftain’s high speed/fast tow low loaders have parabolic suspension as standard and come complete with adjustable torsion bars. This effectively means that you are not depending on the centre bolt of the spring to ensure proper alignment when travelling at high speed. This is just one example of the difference between a Chieftain High Speed Low Loader and another brand. Indeed many of Chieftain’s competitors do not use full Commercial running gear in their High Speed low loaders, just because commercial axles are fitted, does not ensure that the suspension is fit for purpose, which may make these products appear cheaper initially, but will inevitably cost the customer more in the long run.

Available from Chandlers Belton, Horncastle, Spilsby, Holbeach, Barnack, Lutterworth and Shefford depots.

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